Abul-Hasanat Siddique is a British author and journalist. He is a founding member of Fair Observer, a US-registered nonprofit organization, where he is the Managing Editor. A former Middle East Editor, Siddique is on the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board.

He coauthored The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction (SlimBooks 2012) with Casper Wuite. He is currently working on his forthcoming book, The Youth of the Middle East (2016), with Manuel Langendorf, looking at the socioeconomic and sociopolitical future of the Middle East and North Africa. Siddique and Langendorf will be traveling throughout the region during 2014-15.

A former News Editor, Siddique is a Contributing Analyst (North Africa) at a Washington DC-based political consultancy firm.

With a background in social and political science, his research focuses around socioeconomic development, including education and employment in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria; entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa; and youth empowerment.

Authored Books:

Langendorf, M. and Siddique, A.H. (2016) The Youth of the Middle East

Siddique, A.H. and Wuite, C. (2012) The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction, Dublin CA, SlimBooks


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